ka16: Artifacts of Tokyo Living

For Sale at A+D Museum in Los Angeles / 2019

A series of mundane yet specific objects that depict the daily life I experienced as a resident of Tokyo. Although I have been a Japanese citizen all my life, I had never lived in Japan until, through no intention of my own, I found myself relocated to Tokyo at the beginning of 2018. Somewhere in between feeling alienation and belonging, I became keenly aware of the innate uniqueness of the Tokyo lifestyle. I found that aspects of Japanese culture intensely permeates through the objects that formed the make-up of a typical Japanese household. In this series, these objects have been selected and preserved as a series of artifacts.

The Japanese are at one time highly consumptive and intensely conservative. Some objects are used and discarded with an ease not seen anywhere else, while some objects are created to survive generations. This series preserves the object by corruption. By stopping its functionality, the objects are rendered unusable, frozen in time, preserved in its current state.