Yuki Takeshima

Mircea Eni

We are a small studio focused on creating unique spaces, experiences and objects with a playful focus on naivety, experimentation and joy.

The co-founders, Mircea Eni and Yuki Takeshima met while studying architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Their mutual desire to combine rigour of material and formal explorations with fun and joy has led to the formation of kasa. This is a design platform to create for humans.

Mircea Eni is interested in the process of thinking through making with a deep love for drawings and artefacts. He received his Master of Arch. from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in 2015, and since then has been working at numerous high-profile architecture firms around the world - currently leading a design team at Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo.  Simultaneously he has been devoting his time to personal explorations  through kasa.

Yuki Takeshima is an artist and designer indulging in explorations of culture and nature. Her education as an architect and her practice as a landscape designer have reignited a connection to her Japanese roots. She looks for a balance between man-made and natural at all scales. From small hand-held objects to man-made natural environments. Her personal artwork is currently on exhibit in Los Angeles, USA.